A quick overview of recent projects.


Growing out of a Computer Architecture project, the WiFi-Duino is an experiment in cheapening IoT cloud devices – the project focuses on serving dynamic web content while allowing control of real world devices to the visitors of that website. The demonstration platform utilized an Arduino Uno and a Serial-to-WiFi chip, and allowed users to toggle a high-voltage relay and several “status” lights on the platform.

CAD Media Center

When purchasing a new TV and sound bar, an old media center was no longer going to be able to hold or organize the new devices appropriately. The measurements for each were taken, along with standards like DVD case height, and a Computer Aided Design program was used to produce blueprints for a new piece of furniture. The new media center was built from the ground up using raw wood, and the final design is a testament to classic woodworking technique driven by modern design.


When preparing an enterprise-grade Cisco network upgrade for the property, it was determined that the purchased Cisco devices, a 2950-T and a 2821-ISR, were too loud to operate continuously in a private residence. This led to an effort to find ways to quiet these devices where they would produce as much or less noise than a standard computer tower. Because of the large amounts of air used to cool these devices, and the direct connection between increased noise with increased power in cooling fans, this was in interesting project.

Network Revamp

In an attempt to increase network performance, a site-wide overhaul of networking infrastructure was overtaken, including installation of high-speed drops for network delivery to the home entertainment system, upgraded WiFi to allow long-range, high-performance wireless networking for both resident and guest networks, and installation of a centralized hardware cabinet to better contain the new Cisco networking resources. Installation and final configuration was undertaken and finished in just under a week.


AutoBlender was designed to provide simplified access for the public to a set of scripts and programs that work together to build visualizations out of MP3 files. The original program, pyBlender, uses Python to deconstruct songs and then feeds that data into a rendering program, and AutoBlender allows anyone to use pyBlender without installing software.


Project X

Something unXpected comes this way… This project is seriously under wraps! We're not even sure we want people to know that we're working on something this secret, but check back in Spring of 2016 and maybe we'll tell you more?

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Founder/Technical Chief
Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter

Andrew grew up in Seaside, after moving to the Monterey Bay area in 1989. He attended local schools until graduating from Monterey High in 2005 and moving to San Jose to pursue a degree at San Jose State University. He then moved back to Seaside in 2011 and started studying Computer Science at Monterey Peninsula College and is now finishing a Bachelor's in Computer Science from California State University Monterey Bay where he expects to graduate with concentrations in both networking and data science in 2016.

Founder/Manufacturing Chief
Chris Chandler

Chris Chandler

Chris also grew up in Seaside, and graduated from local high school York in 2005. He then went on to study finances at California Polytechnic University San Luis Obisbo. After graduation he worked for Yelllow Book until founding his own fine art carpentry business and moving back to Seaside in 2012. His shop experience and technical knowledge help turn projects of different type into finished products.


The team at Porter Customs has always focused on design and production workmanship of the highest quality. The projects undertaken and the results delivered speak for themselves, and no corners are ever cut. An eye towards long term use allows the team to produce deliverables that solve today's issues but are always prepared for the future. There is usually no production or tooling or technical solution in place for what we seek to accomplish, so every detail is necessarily pored over meticulously and solved with careful, considered, hand-crafted solutions.

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